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  • Novel Health Plan – Part 1: The Setup


    Story telling has a long history, that is likely older than the written language. For as long as we’ve shared our experiences, there has been a certain structure to a story. There are many theories and methods of telling a story, and this one is not my own. It comes from Blake Snyder and his […]

  • Novel Nutrition: Research Vitamins


    One often overlooked aspect of Novel Nutrition is Research Vitamins. Even before you start to feed your characters backstory, and before you exercise the plot, make sure they are getting their vital nutrients by providing quality Research Vitamins. Without research, characters might end up doing impossible things, like break the laws of physics, or violate […]

  • Novel Nutrition: Proper Plot Exercise


    Without Proper Plot Exercise, a novel will be weak, unappealing, and possibly never completed. One cause of writer’s block is lack of Plot Exercise. If you don’t know what you are writing, it blocks the flow of creativity. When I get stuck, here is one exercise routine I follow. Identify where the opening image of […]

  • Novel Nutrition: Proper Feeding of Characters


    As a Book Doctor, I’m always concerned about the Nutrition of the Novel. If you don’t feed the characters enough backstory, they will be weak or flat. But if you put too much of their backstory into in the novel, it becomes overweight, or even obese. The proper weight of the novel depends very much […]

  • Copyright Office Conundrum


    For those of you lucky enough to have a work published, whether self-published, traditionally published, or somewhere in between, one question that comes up often is when to submit your work for copyright. The process is long and does have costs associated with it. So I’m offering this handy guide on when to submit your […]

  • Dialog-arrhea II


    As mentioned before in Dialog-arrhea, when dialog is poorly formatted, it can make the story messy. Today I want to discuss another cause of Dialog-arrhea, specifically what do the characters say. What your characters actually say depends, of course, on the plot, style, and genre of the book. However, the way they say it needs […]